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Criminal Defense

A good Lawyer knows the law. A great Lawyer knows the Judge.

In ancient Rome, the presumption of innocence was expressed through the Latin Maxim “ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat.” which means “The burden of proof lies on him who alleges, not upon him who denies.” In the United States, this presumption of innocence has long remained a sacred legal principle in the criminal justice system for over a hundred years. under this protection, the prosecution has the obligation to prove each element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. When you are faced with a potential charge or have already been charged, we will fight to prove your innocence, protect your rights and civil liberty.

We have over Twenty Years’ experience successfully winning cases, achieving dismissals or negotiating fair settlements including:

Felony |  Misdemeanor  |  Assault & Battery  |  DUI – OWI Cases – Drunk Driving  |  Drug Violations  |  Domestic Violence  |  Traffic Violations  |  Sexual Assault Allegations  |  Juvenal Delinquency Proceedings  |  Failure to Pay Child Support  |  False Accusations.  

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We Win

Proven track record defending criminal and family cases that get results. Often times, the case is settled out of court.

Low Fees

Our fees are explained up front and are reasonable based on the case. Many times, a retainer will be asked up front.

Best Effort

We will take time to be there for you guiding you through each step and explaining the process. You will not be alone.


We have over twenty years of experience in the Wisconsin area and have developed relationships with many district Attorneys.