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The Important Thing Is To Never Stop Questioning.

Normally fees are paid up front, but if you cannot afford the total fees upfront, we do offer alternative payment arrangements. In that case, normally a certain amount of money is required as a down payment. How much money depends on your own ability to pay, your financial situation, whether you have a job or not, and the type of case.

I’ve been a licensed attorney since May of 1992.

We handle primarily criminal and traffic defense matters, family law situations (including divorce and paternity cases) and personal bankruptcy cases. Beyond this, we represent clients on a number of immigration, personal injury, and other assorted matters.

Yes, I would be happy to discuss your case and your situation with you at no charge. We typically do this over the phone or Zoom, but you are welcome to come see me in person.

We are located at Carson Law Office, 15350 West National Avenue, Suite 101. New Berlin, WI 53151.

the Law is an incredibly complex and demanding field, and it is increasingly so as the years pass. Judges and Juries expect the parties to know what the law is and how to properly argue the facts and the law in every situation. Most people cannot do this on their own, no matter how simple their case seems to be. If you think you have a simple case, you probably don’t. A lawyer will get you from A to Z with skill and zeal.

Unless you have a legal problem outside my practice areas, I am right for you. I’m know to fight hard and with speed for these people who are in trouble — no mater their situation, and I can boast that my written and courtroom advocacy is second to none.

To get started call and schedule an appointment at 262-860-8932 and we will get you in to discuss your case right away.

It depends on the seriousness of the case, but my fees are very reasonable in comparison with my competitors. A typical misdemeanor defendant might be charged $2,500, while someone with a felony charge might be quoted $3,800. However, the more serious the charges are, the more work is required, and the fees go up from these points.

Generally, I accept calls and visitors from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

I always look upon my clients as human beings first and foremost, empathetically, with their own emotions and needs from my own. What stems from this is my self-concept of being a defender: an assertive lawyer, with skill and style, strives mightily to obtain for the client the justice that he or she deserves.