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An Actual injury is not needed to be mentally committed!

In the case of Marathon County v. L.A.R., 2022AP1226-FT, 12/29/22, District 3 (one-judge opinion; ineligible for publication) a Wisconsin court has ruled that the county provided sufficient evidence to initially commit a woman, known as Laura, under the fourth standard of dangerousness under Wisconsin law. Laura had a history of bipolar disorder and had recently displayed behavior that put her at risk of serious physical harm, including starting a fire in her home, flooding a room in her house, and running out of gas in cold weather due to delusions. The court held that the fourth standard, which requires that the county prove recent acts or omissions showing that the person is unable to satisfy their basic needs for nourishment, medical care, shelter, or safety, does not require actual injury. The court found that Laura’s behavior put her at risk of serious physical harm and her impaired judgment made her a danger to herself and others.

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